Student Consent Form

To confirm your place, read the information below about student data. Then confirm that you consent on behalf of your students with the form at the bottom of the page.

You will not be able to access the activity without consenting below.


What we ask for and why

We want all students to benefit from the I’m a… projects, and to do so in a safe and secure environment. We ask students a few optional questions about themselves to make this possible. As a teacher, you need to give consent for your students to answer these questions.

This is a requirement for confirming your place and taking part.

Basic questions

Here’s what we ask all students and how it’s used if they answer:

Display Name
Visible on the site in Ask, comments and the Live Chat. We suggest students do not use their full name.
Full Name
To identify students in the event of a safeguarding or behaviour concern.
Email address
To tell students when their question has been answered, about activity updates (including evictions/winners), and follow up surveys for students to tell us what they thought of taking part. If students don’t have an email address, they can leave this blank.
How you identify
Used anonymously (i.e. without real names or email addresses) to evaluate how different people view science.
School Year
To identify whether a student is able to consent to share their information (more details below). Also used anonymously for evaluation.
Profile questions
For students to let the researchers know a little about them to be displayed on their profile, e.g. their favourite things in science and their dream job.

Visible on the site Only visible to admins

Extra questions

We work with a range of funders and potential funders to run our projects. Some of our funders have specific evaluation requirements they implement across activities they support.

We only ask for this extra information from students in Year 9 or above, and only share with funders if the individual student consents.

Other uses of the information

Where we would like to use the information for purposes other than stated above, we ask for permission from students to do so. We only ask students in Year 9 or above if they consent to additional uses of their data.

How long we retain this information for

We will delete students’ names and email addresses three months after their zone has ended. We anonymise and keep their questions, comments and survey responses.

More information

Our Data Protection and Privacy Policy is accessible to everyone to read here:

If you have any questions email us at, or call 01225 326 892.


Consent form

Giving your consent for your students to answer these questions is a requirement for taking part in the activity.

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.