Historians Take Part

In October 2022, give school students the chance to get to know lesser-known historical figures in Black British History through live, text-based Chats as part of I’m History, Get me out of here.

Apply to take part ❯We’re interested in hearing from people who:

  • Work or volunteer in a history-related role or undertake historical research
  • Are able to accurately tell the story of one of the historical figures, and answer questions about them

I’m History is a student-led online outreach activity.

By taking part, you can:

  • Help school students learn about Black British history, from Roman Britain to the present day, through narratives that aren’t centered on slavery
  • Give students a well-informed and fuller understanding of UK History, from a decolonised perspective
  • Empower more teachers to continue teaching Black British History in their classrooms
  • Gain more experience of public engagement in an easy and enjoyable way

You do this by:

  • Sharing information about a historical figure, and telling the students about yourself, through profiles on our website
  • Chatting with students in moderated, instant messaging-style Chats
  • Answering students’ follow-up questions

I’m History, Get me out of here is flexible and works around your schedule – you choose to take part at times that suit you.

It’s all online and text-only (no audio or video). All you need is a web browser.

You are welcome to share the championing responsibilities with colleagues.

What people who have taken part in previous Zones say:

“One thing that shone through in all the sessions is the curiosity of all involved, the desire to find out answers to questions, no matter how big or small.”
“The real driving force behind everything though is the students themselves. I’ve had some really good [live Chats], with people coming back and asking a lot of really good and really silly questions, people staying behind after lessons to stay in the chat”

Apply to take part ❯Find out more:

Questions? Email support@imhistory.uk