What is I’m a Researcher?

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Prepare to get curious…

I’m a Researcher, Get me out of here! is a 2 week online event where you get to meet and interact with real researchers. You get to ask them anything you like and there’s competition between the researchers for student votes, so you’re in charge!


The researchers are trying to answer different questions such as:

  • How do babies learn language so quickly?
  • How can we use maths to cure disease?
  • How did chickens first travel across Europe?

Your teacher will give you a link to set up your account so you can get involved in the event with and without your teacher.

Some students might be involved in this event with more than 1 teacher – use the same account throughout the event.

Teachers – Generate student registration link and share it with the class.


When you first log in, make sure you fill out your profile.  Filling in your email address makes sure we can tell you when your questions have been answered and you can reset your password if you forget it. We won’t pass your email address on to anyone.
You can now look around the site and find out more about the researchers you will be voting for.


You can log in any time over the 3 weeks (at home or in school) and ask questions to the researchers about anything you like. The researchers will aim to answer your question by the next day and we’ll email you to let you know what they’ve said. Questions stay on the site so you can see what other students have asked, read the researchers’ answers and add your own comments to the conversation. There is a £20 prize for the student who asks the best questions and engages most in the event.


You will get the chance to have a live chat with some researchers in a lesson. You get to instant message the researchers in a group with all your class mates, ask them questions and let them know your opinions.


You get a say in who wins this event. When you are logged in you can vote for your favourite researcher – don’t worry if you change your mind part-way through the event, you can change your vote until 3pm, Friday 21st June.