Lesson 2 – Meet the Researchers

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If you have booked a computer room for this lesson, follow this link for a student-led lesson with more independent learning.

Students will be finding out about the researchers in this lesson.

There are over 20 researchers on the site, so it may be best to have a look before the lesson and print the profiles of the researchers you would like to focus on in your subject.


Class discussion (you could put the zone home page on the screen as a stimulus here)

  • What did the students find out in their homework?
  • Whose profiles did they look at?
  • What do they think of the researchers so far?
  • Have any of your students’ questions been answered yet?
  • Write a list of questions you could ask the researchers to find out more about their work – keep these for the next activity.


Main activity – speed dating!

1. Split students into groups – give each group a printed researcher’s profile to read through together.
– What do they think about this researcher? What would they like to ask them on the site?

2. Split each group in half (As and Bs).
– As stay where they are as their researcher.
– Bs move to another group to ‘interview’ a different researcher (they can use the questions formed in the starter for this).

3. Move students on after a few minutes so they can interview as many researchers as possible.


Class discussion (you could put the zone home page on the screen as a stimulus here)


Suggested Homework

Students log on and ASK at least one question to a researcher.

If students haven’t set up their accounts yet, generate student registration link and share it with the class.