Lesson 2 – Meet the Researchers

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If you have booked a computer room for this lesson, follow this link for a student-led lesson with more independent learning.

Students will be finding out about the researchers in this lesson.

Lesson Resources

  • List of the top five criteria chosen in Lesson 1: You’re the Judges!
  • Printed copies of some of the researchers’ profiles
  • Generated student registration link for students to access the site from home to complete homework



Class discussion (you could put the zone home page on the screen as a stimulus here)

  • What did the students find out in their homework?
  • Whose profiles did they look at?
  • What do they think of the researchers so far?
  • Have any of your students’ questions been answered yet?
  • Write a list of questions you could ask the researchers to find out more about their work – keep these for the next activity.


Main activity – speed dating!

1. Split students into groups – give each group a printed researcher’s profile to read through together.
– What do they think about this researcher? What would they like to ask them on the site?

2. Split each group in half (As and Bs).
– As stay where they are as their researcher.
– Bs move to another group to ‘interview’ a different researcher (they can use the questions formed in the starter for this).

3. Move students on after a few minutes so they can interview as many researchers as possible.


Class discussion (you could put the zone home page on the screen as a stimulus here)


Suggested Homework

Students log on and ASK at least one question to a researcher.

If students haven’t set up their accounts yet, generate student registration link and share it with the class.