Key information & lesson plans

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What is I’m a Researcher?
Read this page to your students to tell them about the 3 week event. It may help to have a look around the website with your students.

How do students log in? Create a student registration link!
Students need a link from you to set up their accounts. This page shows you how to generate the student registration link.

What is the I’m a Researcher Live Final?
This page explains the live event at Oxford University on Friday 29th September.

Lesson Plans

The preparation work (lessons 1 & 2) can be compiled into 1 lesson if needed.

It may be useful to have a preparation lesson in a computer room so students can explore the researchers’ profiles independently and ASK questions ahead of their live chat.

Click the links below for each lesson.

Lesson 1 – You’re the Judges!

Lesson 2 – Meet the Researchers
Lesson 2 – Meet the Researchers (in computer room)

Lesson 3 – Live chat

After the event

  • Please fill in the feedback survey we email you. You are the expert on what happened in your classroom. Your feedback helps us to continuously improve the event.
  • Encourage your students to fill in the student survey on their profiles after the event.
  • The moderators pick a student winner – someone who has really engaged with the event. They get a certificate and a £20 gift voucher prize. We’ll let you know if this is one of your students.