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We’ve produced this page to be clear about what we think is good and right, a kind of Terms and Conditions page. We think you’ll agree with it but it’s best to be sure.

By accepting the invitation to participate in I’m a Researcher, Get me out of here you are agreeing to the following:

  1. We can publicise your involvement in the event – this will be on our site but also possibly in press releases and wherever we are able to get positive coverage for the event.
  2. We can share your name and email address with participating teachers so they can invite you to visit their school and take part in further engagement activities, and with funders and sponsors if they want to get in touch about your involvement.
  3. As this is an online event, all your answers and information on your profile will be public and visible to anyone on the internet.
  4. You give permission for us to contact your employer to check your work status.
  5. If you’re an academic, you give permission for us to send the report for your zone to your public engagement department, or similar. To opt out of this just get in touch.
  6. Your profile and the answers that you give to questions on the site will be published under a Creative Commons licence (Attribution). This means that anyone can republish them as long as they are not reselling them and as long as they attribute the content to you and the event.

This last item might cause the most consternation. We’ve included it because clarity is needed over the status of the content that gets produced on the site. People have suggested that the questions and answers should be collated into a book that could be published. We’ve always held that any such book would need to be on a not-for-profit basis and any surplus donated to good causes. Without permission such an enterprise would be impossible.

If you object to any of these items please do email us so that we know. If it is 1, 3, or 6 you object to it will be a problem but we can hopefully work around 2,4, and 5.