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There’s links here to all the scientists in all the zones we’ve run since November 2017.

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Name About me and my work Zone name Date
Andreas Zoettl I study how bacteria swim in biological fluids Curiosity Carnival September 2017
Patrick Esser I help people with brain injuries, by playing with cool gadgets such as smart-tattoos and phone apps! Curiosity Carnival September 2017
Tom Higham Radiocarbon Accelerator Unit, University of Oxford Curiosity Carnival September 2017
Sarah Finnegan I’m a neuroscientist who explores the relationship between the brain and how we perceive the world Curiosity Carnival September 2017
Sam Parsons I am interested in the way we process emotional information, and how this relates to mental health Curiosity Carnival September 2017
Arianna Ponzini I’m a researcher in Contemporary China Studies Curiosity Carnival September 2017
Sabina Fiolna Ecology two thousands years ago? Why not! Curiosity Carnival September 2017
Rohan Kapitany I try to figure out how and why rituals are so important to people. This helps me understand how the brain evolved to create this thing we call ‘culture’. Curiosity Carnival September 2017
Raquel Pinacho I study how activating certain neurons in the brain affects behaviour. Curiosity Carnival September 2017
Priyanka Dhopade Jet engines get hot; the bits inside can break or melt; I make sure they don’t. Curiosity Carnival September 2017
Pawan Kumar My work is to design and make new nucleotides/oligonucleotides for treating genetic disorders such as Duchene Muscular Dystrophy. Curiosity Carnival September 2017
Sami Miaari My research focuses on the labour economics, economic causes and consequences of conflict, including on the economic costs of political instability and the relationship between economic shocks and conflict (focusing on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict), discrimination against ethnic minorities, economic inequality, and applied econometric. Curiosity Carnival September 2017
Ophélie Lebrasseur I am an archaeologist who tries to answer questions about our past. To do so, I use DNA (the blueprint of all living things) of old animal bones found on archaeological sites to understand how people move and their relationships with their animals. Curiosity Carnival September 2017
Mary-Kay Thompson I’m studying how young fruit fly brains grow into adult brains and how they know when to stop growing. Curiosity Carnival September 2017
Martin Pickup I teach and research in philosophy, looking at questions about the fundamental nature of things Curiosity Carnival September 2017
Mario Collura I work on the dynamics of “quantum” (strange) systems. Curiosity Carnival September 2017
Kanta Dihal I study stories about very difficult science: quantum physics and artificial intelligence. Curiosity Carnival September 2017
Joel Butler I look at how men in tights and men in turbans made deals between England and the Ottomans (sort of Turks) in the Tudor times. Curiosity Carnival September 2017
Imogen Goold I work on ethical and legal issues related to medicine, such as owning body parts, abortion, reproductive medicine, surrogacy, human enhancement and medical negligence. Curiosity Carnival September 2017
Gergely Rost I am a mathematician and I develop mathematical tools to model, analyse, predict and control infectious diseases. Curiosity Carnival September 2017
Daniel Brown Artificial intelligence in Diabetes Curiosity Carnival September 2017
Nayeli Gonzalez-Gomez I try to understand how babies learn to talk Curiosity Carnival September 2017
Mackenzie Graham How should we use new technology, to make sure that they benefit everyone? This is an ethical question, and is the kind of question my work tries to answer. Machine Learning Zone November 2019
Yee Whye Teh I'm interested in understanding the scientific principles underlying intelligence. Machine Learning Zone November 2019
Valerie Bradley Developing methods for prediction with messy, aggregated or biased data Machine Learning Zone November 2019
Nick Hawes I work on AI methods to allow robots to plan and execute behaviour for missions that last from minutes to months. Machine Learning Zone November 2019
Jacob Leygonie Researcher in mathematics and Artificial intelligence Machine Learning Zone November 2019
Lin Shuyu I am interested in developing algorithms which can truly 'think’ and 'understand’. Machine Learning Zone November 2019
Jun Zhao Working on responsible AI and AI for families Machine Learning Zone November 2019
Brian Zhang I'm a Statistics DPhil student looking into genetic data Machine Learning Zone November 2019
Anna Gautier I study competitive multi-robot systems Machine Learning Zone November 2019
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